IF seems to be THE trend nowadays !

I get so many question about it so here we are !

Most of you see intermittent as the solution for weight loss, but it's more something you should do for you productivity, health or longevity...

It's simply means going without food for extended periods of time by reducing your feeding window (but still eating the same amount of calories)


• Intermittent fasting may aid weight loss : this is not true, as I said before, It only depends overall calories & type of food your eating, no matter when and how you eat them • May increase human growth hormone

• Decreases insulin levels : as you extend the period without food, you don't have those insulin spikes (which can disrupt our natural growth hormone production) However, in order to do that, you don't have to go with such a long period of fasting ! An easy way to manage insulin levels including eating a diet rich in fiber, with a balance of the 3 macros + resistance training.

• May improve digestive health : you actually giving your digestive system a break ! Your guts can restore your enzyme and repair the lining.


• Stressing for the body : fasting is that extended periods is very taxing to your nervous system and can lead to symptoms of burnout or adrenal fatigue (low energy, decreased hormone, low body temperature, ...) Maybe if you already have a stressful lifestyle, it's not made for you.

• Fasting too long can decrease your leptin levels and slow down our metabolism ! Simply because your body will turn on survival mode and store as much fat (=energy) as it can to keep you alive and the less burn calories as possible.

• if you already have a bad relationship with food or have/had an ED, it would be clear that you would use it as another tool to restrict ..

👉🏼Signs IF isn’t for you 👈🏼

➖Low body temperature/Cold hands and feet

➖Difficulty waking up/fall asleep

➖Brain fog / chronic fatigue

➖Low libido, blood sugar

➖Dry skin


If you do IF, make sure to listen to your body and not the clock !

You feel bad when you eat breakfast, just don't ! You feel better snacking all day long small meals ? Do it !

As long as you eating an overall healthy diet, with a balance of protein, carbs and fat, that you focusing on whole food and fill your plate with colorful fruits & veggies, you're on your road to health & success ! 😉

Don’t try to copy anyone as you’re not them, you don’t have the same goal, body, lifestyle, weight, health, past, … etc

If you're doing it of FAT loss, what matter is your overall calories & macros + the training you're doing, not the meal timing !



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