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Well, you should avoid gluten if you have:

❌Celiac Disease

❌Gluten allergy or intolerance

(Both affect only 1% of the population.... For the rest gluten is fine 😉)

But why so many people feel better when they go gluten free ? ... 🤔

Beside de psychological effect, it's because they cut all the process foods containing gluten such as cookies, cakes, refined bread, etc.

But the WHOLE GRAIN that contain gluten such as oats, rye, spelt, whole grain bread, kamut, ... are really healthy & give you so much nutrients ! 🌿🍞

The Internet is full of unsubstantiated articles claiming the danger of gluten, it has even taking over into the popular press, and this profit the gluten-free processed food industry (today worth billions) that has a financial interest in the public's confusion ! ☝🏼️😉

Don't waist your money on processed gluten free food that are most of the time full of crap and WAY more unhealthy that the whole grain that constrain gluten ... 🙅🏻

Keep with science ! 😉 Studies shows that people who eat more whole grains, including with gluten, tend to live significantly longer - independent of other dietary and lifestyle factors -

Whole grains reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, stroke, certain cancers... 👏🏼

Long story short : go gluten free if you are allergic, but if you're fine, you have NO reason to fear gluten !Just chose the right source ✅😉

Eat your grains, and eat them whole ! Full of fiber, nutrients, micronutrients & phytonutrients.

It's like anything ! If it's processed with added crap, gluten or not it's unhealthy !


Manon. 🖤

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