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You feel completely lost and desperate right now? You wondered why all you can think is food, why all your life is mess up just because of your binge eating? You are TIRED and you just want to stop this vicious circle once for all?

THIS HAS TO STOP! You can't spend your whole life like that! It is now time to take the control back! I've done it, so I KNOW you can do it.

how to stop binge eating

  • Do you have a binge eating disorder ? 

  • What are the causes of your binge 

  • All the factors that trigger the urge how to act on it ! 

  • The effects of a binge eating disorder, because you can't forget that is is not without consequences ! 

  • Step by step how to concretely STOP the urge to binge. So many factors and conditions can trigger a binge, I tried to summarize all of them and HOW to act on it. 

  • How you can train your brain to create new habits & pathways in the brain 

I've come from a past of severe binge eating disorder. To the point where I lost common sense. My whole life was turning into food and I just lost all my teenagers years because of that. Recovery takes time but I finally get through it, and DAMN how good it feels ! I truly wish this to all of you, because I know how you feel right now. you know ... I really wrote this eBook with my heart and soul. I've put a lof of work in it as it is such an important topic for me. 

I push you on the right direction, I show you the little light at the end of the tunnel, but I can't walk for you toward the end of the tunnel. You have to be ready for the change.

I am NOT a phychologist or a therapist and I don't claim to be ! I just share my experience. 

What you will find in this eBook

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