What is Shilajit ?

Used for centuries, shilajit is also name as the “elixir of evergreen life”.

In the traditional Indian system of medicine, shilajit is considered to be a natural superfood that increases the body’s immunity & natural resistance to stress.

It has been used by many Ayurvedic to boost strength, energy and to detoxify the body.

The high-altitude Himalayan variety (the one I’m using) is famed for its quality and potency.

Modern scientific research also systematically validate all the shilajit properties.

Shilajit is an exudate that is pressed out from layers of rock in sacred Altai Mountains.

Those mountains continue to rise more than 1 cm a year ! These plants had never been exposed to any chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides. They are gradually transformed into Humus, a rich organic mass that is food for new plant life.