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You know me, I keep repeating it over and over but for fat loss, you need to eat RIGHT, not LESS ! You should not restrict, overexercises or taking useless supplements. It is simply not how it works. 🙅🏻

To make it sustainable, focus on whole food sources, that will provide you will all the nutrients, mineral, & vitamins you need to be healthy, thrive and enjoy your life.

The meal on the right have much more volume, which will keep you full, and is a lot more nutrient dense, which will keep you away of cravings cause your body will be fully nourish !

With no nutrients dense food, low in volume and/or calories, especially if it is simple sugar like on the donus, your energy will crash, you will have cravings cause you haven't feed your body properly or enough, so this will trigger bad food choices, binge, and metabolism adaptation.

(I am not saying to never eat those kind of food ! But not having it every meal if you want to be healthy - balance is the key of everything ☝🏼️😉 - You can eat those kind of food, just make sure to nourish your body properly on the size) There is so much more to say about this subject ! All food are not equal on so many aspect ! I've explained it in more details on my meal plan, feel free to put your hands on it if you want to learn more about nutrition, and how food can affect your body, the way you feel, and the way you look ! 😉🌟

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