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Home made bread (VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE)

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably already seen my home made "flat" bread on Insta stories !

Here I will show you two ways I like to do my bread ! A normal bread & my flat bread.

Actually, you can't do more simple, but people keep asking me how I do them so here we go ! 🤗

I show you here flours I like to use, but you can TOTALY choose the one you prefer, mix them up or only use gluten-free flours ! 👍

Ingredients :

- Whole wheat flour

- Black wheat flour

- Water

- Backing powder

- Salt (optional, I personally don't)

How do :

Simply mix your flour with water, and then add backing powder.

Your dough should look like that :

Let it cool down for at least 1h at ambient temperature, and cover it with a towel.

Once it's done, give it the shape you want and put it in the oven ! This really depend of your oven, but for me it is at 200° for 30min !

That's it ! No more simple right ? 😄

I also like to switch things up & change the flours I use !

There for exemple it is lupine, lentils & chickpeas flour !

For my flat bread, it is even more simple, because you don't have to let it cool down !

Just put the dough in the oven, give it a flat shape (not too fine if so, it will be too hard to chew !) and put it for 20min at 200° ! 🙌

I hope you've enjoy this little recipe & answered to your questions !


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