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Home made seitan (vegan high protein recipe)

What is seitan ?

Also known as "wheat meat", seitan is really rich in protein.

Seitan (pronounced "SAY-tahn ") is basically made from gluten, & you add flavors and stuff in it to makes it tastier (gluten doesn't have any taste).

It is now popular for the chewy texture similar to meat. Therefore it's a great high protein meat substitue.

When you buy any kind of fake meat product, it's basically most of the time made with gluten (seitan) and sometimes soy protein.

Did you know that gluten has 83g of protein for 100g ?

So if you want to save money, I really recommend you to do your own seitan ! Fake meat can be so expensive, but it's so easy to make & so cheap !

Keep reading if you're interested ! 👇 ☺️


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