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Scramble tofu toast

This 👆 is my favourite quick, yummy & healthy recipe that I eat alsmot every single day !

There is tones of variations of it you can try, & it can be eaten whenever during the day ! (breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner)


How to makes it ?

- Use any kinf of bread you like Personnaly, I like to use pumpernick. If you don't know, it is made with whole rye

- Then, put a layer of tahini or/and peanut butter on it.

- Scramble your tofu or slide it into slim layers and put it on top of the tahini & PB.

Not only adding tahini & PB is fraking good, but it also allows the tofu to hang out on the bread 👍😉

- Then arrive the creative part 😏! The spices !

  • If you want a more sugary version of it (for breakfast for exemple) I recommend you to add cinnamon ! If you've never tried cinnamon on top of tofu you miss someting !

You can also add agave sirop, or any sweetners of your choise !

To be on top of the word, you can even add bananas slises & seeds ! 🙌

  • If you want a more salty version of it, you can play with the spices you like ! I personally like to use provencal herbs & some garlic powder ! You can also add some slide of tomatoes & onions ! ☺

Get creative ! You can definitly adjust this recipe with your taste !


Let me know if you've tried it & give me your best combo ! 😋

👈 Clik on the picture and tell me

Love. ❤

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