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Women's Best : dangerous products ?

Since the last year this brand became more and more know and famous on social media, especially Instagram, to a point where we saw (and still see) it everywhere.

Every fitness girl account are sponsored to promote those products. Clearly impossible to scroll your Instagram without see the little pink box!

It interested me, so I decided to go check it out to find what so special those product have…


First thing first, as shows it names, “women best” is designed for women. Like if women needed to have special or different products than men… The first time I came to their website, the first thing that pay my attention me was… the pink … Fuuuuuull of pink… ! We all know pink is for women and bleu for men, right? 🙄

I am not a feminist, far from it, but making this distinction between girls and boys just strengthens the gap between both! I think it's not the values of this sport. FAIL : they promoted women and femininity, but they just do the opposite by intensify the clichés.

So, first impression: I do not like the values given by this brand.

What about the products ?

First product that caught my attention was the burner caps (because we all know, as women, all we want is losing weight).

Inside this full of pink, I manage to find “A unique combination of the most effective ingredients for fat burning” oh well, that’s magical, for 35€ why not! (Even if the product description means nothing 😅 , let’s get in detail into the ingredients)

When we look at the ingredients: Vegetable Capsule Envelope (Hydroxypropylmethyl Cellulose), Green Tea Extract, Guarana Extract, Green Coffee Beans Extract, Anhydrous Caffeine, Choline Bitartrate, L-Tyrosine, Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Cayenne Pepper, Powder Yerba Mate Tea, Release Agent (Magnesium Stearate), Vitamin B5 (Calcium D-Pantothenate), Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid), D-Biotin, Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin).

So green tea, guarana (similar to caffeine), green coffee, anhydrous caffeine, … It is obviously FULL of caffeine ! (and you know my thought about it ;) ) They recommend 3 capsules/day, but impossible to find what those 3 capsules represent in terms of caffeine dose ! This is important because depending of the dose, too much caffeine can be dangerous! Especially if you are not used to, and if you have heart problems or hypertension for example. I did some research, and I found:

  • Guarana = 300mg

  • Green tea = 300mg

  • Green coffee = 300mg

  • Caffeine = 250mg

This dosage of guarana is the equivalent of 3 cups of coffee, so it’s absolutely HUGE to supplement yourself in this much caffeine ! (Keep it mind that caffeine supplementation won’t affect you the same as a regular cup of coffee, and that a cup of regular coffee is around 90mg of caffeine).

So this 300mg of guarana on top of the other caffeinated ingredients… I let you imagine ! Be careful ladies, read the opinions and testimonial on girls who consumed these products. Many even went to the hospital because they started tachycardia, they did not feel well, ... and so one. Do you research and be aware! Do not rely on what these women can promote on Intagram, they are sponsored and paid for it! (And there is nothing wrong with that, I absolutely do not criticize this!)

The brand do not even say how long you are supposed to use these capsules (it’s written the box is for "40 days") but imagine if girls use these capsules for 40 days in a row! It's super dangerous! 😳

Same thing, if you look at the BCAA or protein powder ingredients, you see sweeteners, and in particular Sucralose and Acesulfam-K…

Hello cancer! 👋

It is now shown that those are dangerous products for your health and they increase the risk of cancer (not forbidden yet because it brings a lot of money of course…)

Once again, be careful with artificial sweeteners, coloring, food additives, ... Look for information on their toxicity on the internet before! ALWAYS prefer whole food option, a product without anything addicted, on this natural form as possible, and organic if possible.


I’m not even talking about the “slim body shake” which is sell as “Meal replacement” ; Detox & skinny tea ; Pre-workout booster ; or complements to have “nice hair and beautiful skin” because, women, you know. 😤

Here is so much to say about, but please, do not get fooled!

This is just my opinion once again, but always be careful when you supplement yourself in any ways.

Not only I find it’s a poor quality products, but I do not find myself in the values, and they also use ingredients dangerous to health.

I’ve chose to talk about women best because I really don’t like how they put women, but It’s is not the only supplements store which sale dangerous or ineffective, unsucesful product.

Don’t waist your money, time and health on that.

Love. ❤

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