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In a traditional keto diet, you eat 80% of your daily calories from fat, the rest from protein, with around 20g of cabs PER DAY !

Taking your body into ketosis means putting your body run on fat for fuel.

It means that in traditianal keto, protein should be low as well cause protein can be converted into glucose in your body.

It's the only way to put your body in a ketosis state. This is what defer between keto and other low-carb diet : without this high fat intake your can't produce the ketones needed. I

t's really hard and taught to reach this state !

To determine it, you have to do a urine test. And if you are not in a ketosis, you are basically just following another low-carb diet.

What you can expect from this hight fat, no carb diet ?

-Extreme fatigue

-Bad exercises performances

-Brain fog (keep in mind, your brain is fuel by carbs, and without that fuel, your entire nervous system feels the effects) kidney stones


-Excessive thirst & confusion

-Constipation (because high-fat food tend to be low in fiber)

-Lower bone mineral density

-Lower your blood pH

... and so on ! But more importantly : MENTAL HEALTH !

it's extremely tough to follow, and it is USLESS ! Please open your eyes ! You don't need to go through all those bullshit to lose extra pounds ! That's crazy to inflict you all of this for pure weight loss.

You can't stick to it, it is just a quick fix (you literally can't live this way) and you will store fat like crazy after it !

Eat all your nutriments found in whole foods that contain a mix of the three macros, this will fuel your entire body & soul properly.

You can eat it in abondance while dropping fat & building muscles and stay happy !

Train your body to be efficient, to be a BURNING machine ! It's a LIFESTYLE CHANGE.

Keep a slim body all year around and not few weeks after extreme suffering.

If you want a guideline on what macros and food to eat, check out my 4 WEEKS VEGAN MEAL PLAN !



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