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I want to address something to my old self, and to the girls who are currently :

🔸 Tries every diet but just keeps gaining weight

🔸 Who just wants to eat normally and don't want to be controlled by food anymore

🔸Who feels like they're living in a never ending vicious circle of restricting and binging

🔸Who can't even look at themselve in the mirror without being disgusted about what they see and pass the first minutes of their day checking in the mirror if they haven't gain/lose weight overnight.

🔸 Who spend hours and hours researching nutrition information of they food, desperately trying to find THE food without calories, fat, and carbs free.

STOP THIS, have the control back ! Enjoy life again ! You are not alone ! The girl on the left was like you... I came from a sevear binge eating disorder & body dysmorphia. More than a physical evolution, it's have been a HUGE mental change journey. .

I want to help you to find the motivation again, to find yourself again, to be the best version of yourself. .

This isn't the life you meant to live, don't be afraid to ask for help ! Get back on track and bounce your life back !

Reach out to me and check out my website ! I do online coaching and I have few eBooks on recovery & healthy fat loss.

Don't you dare give up! You are not alone, and I can guide you. 💞

On the left there is me few years ago with a different body, but more, with a VERY different mindset !

My goal was always to be "fit" "healthy", but for me it meant losing weight.

Like if it was the only way possible. This put me into a vicious circle of restricting / binging that lasted me for YEARS.

I was deseperate to be healthy but didn't realized I was doing all wrong ! My focus wasn't on the right things, and I couldn't understand why I was always "messing up" all of my progress with binging.

Thank god it's other, thanks god I have finally opened my eyes and understand what was wrong.

Thank god I've changed my mindsets and I am now free from food and fear.

I've never had this much progress since I follow this balance diet of abundance whole & vibrant food.

To be fit you need to eat RIGHT, not LESS. Not obsessing over calories I burn and fueling my body right has helped me to build the body I should be proud of. I've never being this lean & muscular, and I've never eaten this much (I eat around 3000calories a day)

I know it can be a struggle for some of you as well, we have so much informations out here that we can easily be lost and believe those fad diet miracles that society gives us.

No you don't need to restrict, you just need to train your body to be a BURNING MACHINE ! ☝🏼️ Train it to BURN fat instead of STORING it !



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