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Fit ? What does it means ? ...

What does it means "being fit" ? ...

Having visible muscles, a six pack and a huge butt ? ... It's someone who goes to the gym everyday ? Or who runs ? Or maybe does yoga ? It's someone flexible ?

And what if there were no definition of "being fit" ?

What if it simply was someone who is active and who takes care of her health & body, no matter how far she is in her fitness journey ... ?

Last time I got a shoutout on a fitness page and someone commented "look at her arms she is skinny not fit" ... So you can't be skinny and fit ? You can't have some fat and being fit ? ... (Beside the people wouldn't even dare say this if I was overweight & judge by one picture 🙄)

There actually no "body type" or any measurement, any % or whatever which defined someone fit or not. For me at least, being fit does not even involve appearance!

It is a mindsets !

It's trying to be the best version of ourself and always strive for better.

It's taking care of your health and be dedicated into something.

And you, what being fit means to you ?


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