You think you do have hormonal imbalance ?

There are the most common symptom :

  • Infertility and irregular periods

  • Weight gain or weight loss without changing your diet

  • Depression, anxiety and high level of stress

  • Insomniaor trobble to sleep

  • Low libido

  • Changes in appetite

  • Digestive issues

  • Hair loss

Conventional treatments for hormonal imbalances include birth control pills, insulin injections, synthetic hormone replacement therapies, medications and so one.

But you can totally balancing them naturally ! Here I will show how, with also will help you to prevent the risk of happening.

There is so much varieties of hormonal imbalances, depending of your situation and lifestyle, but the symptoms are very similar.

You just CAN’T losing weight despite all your efforts ? Know that an hormonal imbalance can actually slowed metabolism and cause you weight gain !



Make sure to have balances meal with high quality of macro-nutriments (protein, fat and carbs) as well as a good quality of ingredients (organic ones)

Consuming a WHOLE FOOD plant based diet is the key, especially by cutting dairy.

Try to eat more nutriment dense food & add more colors and vegetables in your plate !

Minimize refined sugar, processed and package food.

To be more specific, makes sure to hit your daily fat intake. Don’t be scared of healthy fat ! They

are ESSENTIAL for your hormone and overall health (muscle building, hair, brain, reduce inflammation, and more …)

Your body NEED fat to properly function.

The fat you eat is NOT the fat you wear as I say in my guide.


I can’t stress enough (😉 ) how destressing & reducing anxiety is important to control your hormonal level.

I highly recommend to find some times into your day to just chill out, relax and meditate.


Daily exercise can help you to balances your hormone, although, overtraining can actually trigger imbalance !

Make sure to let your body rest and not push yourself when you just can’t !

Working out should be to enjoyable, something good you do for your body, not a punishment !

Also make sure to SLEEP ! I can’t stress enough how important is it for overall health. A lot of actual health problem are in fact causes by a lake of quality sleep.

Without sufficient sleep, your hormones will not be in balance!


In what do you drink your water ? From a plastic bottle? Do you daily use make up ?

What if your cosmetics causes you hormonal imbalance ?

Have you actually ever read the ingredients list ? It’s full of chemical and carcinogenic substances !

Keep it mind that your skin is the largest organ of your body and it means to absorb. So all those chemicals end up through your circulation and your body. So be careful of what you put on it !

Chronic exposure to these toxic products can cause serious hormonal problems because they are able to mimic your hormone effect. So try to reduce your overall toxic product exposition & buy organic as much as you can.


Dehydration can just be your problem. Be hydrated is vital for you to function properly.

So here you have 5 easy steps to follow which can help you to naturally balance your hormone. In terms of hormones, consistency and patency is crutial. Trust the process and just relax !


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