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It's more than 6years that I'm vegan now, and more without meat. A lot of people have been asking me why, so there is briefly why ! 😘

Fist and foremost, I just ANSWER to a question, and I absolutely not try to CONVINCE you to do the same in any way ! It's not my purpose and not the aim of my blog ! ☺️❤️

So why I've chosen veganism ?

Of course there are obvious health benefits to veganism, but It's not what had made me switch. I first became vegan for the animals. I simply don't see animals as food ! ☺️ It's after have made this connexion that I've learned about all the health benefits, and the fact we're physiologically not made to eat animals.

Animals are beings like us, they have feelings, brain to think, eyes to see, central nervous systems, ... Like all of us. They FEEL the pain, the joy, they have compassion, ... And all.

I don't think there is a way to humanely kill an animal, like any humanely way to kill a human who doesn't what to die ! Especially nowadays that we actually have other options and endless affordable possibilities to not eat meat ☺️ (and vegan food are so tasty with so much varieties 🙈🍓)

One last thing I would like you to think about, is why you would eat a chicken but not a cat ? ... It is just something cultural, we've been conditioned since our born and it's normal to us.

But a life is a life at the end. ☺️

There is no physical need to kill animal to eat (I won't went in detail about it here is SO much to tell and my point is really really not to convince) So to sum up, I don't want to contribute anymore to murdering lives without needs, contribute to pollute our planet and eating stuff that is bad for our health ! Just my choices ✌🏼️❤️


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