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I get few questions about my opinion on coffee ... So there it is ! ☺️☕️ No I don't drink coffee anymore for a while now. I did have a short period when I did and ... At the end it felt awful.

Caffeine is definitely not for me 😅

Did you know it's the world's most popular drug ? Of course it's not a hard drog, but the brain and body stimulates them in a the same way to the amphetamines such as cocaine.

"Nevertheless, because of caffeine's role as an adenosine antagonist, anyone who consumes as little as 300 mg of caffeine a day (the equivalent of just 3 cups of drip coffee) will suffer withdrawal symptoms if they abruptly cut off their caffeine supply. The problem is that the bodies of individuals who regularly consume caffeine adapt to the continual presence of the drug by substantially increasing the number of adenosine receptors in the central nervous system in an attempt to compensate. This is known as the "tolerance effect." This makes the body much more sensitive to adenosine -- and consequently less sensitive to caffeine. In effect, this forces you to consume more and more caffeine over time to get the same stimulatory effect. On the other hand, any reduction in caffeine intake will effectively increase the normal physiological effects of adenosine because of the increased number of receptor sites, resulting in unwelcome withdrawal symptoms including fatigue, depression, irritability, tremors, jumpiness, not to mention deprivation of deep sleep, and, of course, headaches, as the blood vessels in the brain begin to once again dilate."


Let’s get into details

First it dehydrates your body, and especially first in the morning is just something recommend! It’s because coffee is a diuretic. Besides that, it causes me bloating and shaking legs 😅 (especially if I haven't ate before) For sure the first effect is cool but ... Then arrive the break down side effect where you feel a huge tiredness.

I believe you don't need that ! If you are tired search somewhere else ! (Maybe you need more sleep, you are deficient of something, ...) You just hide your problem. It will just makes you even more tired because you will do too much compared of what you are capable to do. And then you will need more coffee because you will be even more tired : vicious circle.

I definitely feel better without caffeine ! So if you experience bloating, chronic tiredness, arches, difficulties to sleep, maybe try to avoid caffeine for at LEAST 2 weeks to see the changes ! (Decaffeinate still tastes pretty good ! Instead of coffee I like to drink chicory or tea, because tea is life 😉)

If you do your research, you will understand that caffeine is not really healthy for you ...

There is a non exhaustive list of caffeine side effects:

- Up your tension lever and heart bites

- Up your cholesterol

- Increase the risk of rheumatism and inflammation (so not great for muscle tissus recovery !)

- Stimulates the secretion of gastric acid

- Diarrhea

- Headaches

- Anxiety

… and the list goes one !

But how much coffee is too much ?

“Everything in moderation” – Life is about balance, it’s like everything – If you can’t (and don’t want) to quit your daily morning coffee because it’s makes you happy, then don’t !

I recommend you to only use natural caffeine and not added caffeine. There is a lot of different type of caffeine without the same effect and antioxidants, such as chocolate, tea (even black, white, green, matcha tea, … are different and affect your body differently!)


Again it is my own experience, some people feel great on coffee (it shoes once again how different we are!) So for me coffee is like my little treat when I go out 🙈☕️

PS : It's not recommended to drink coffee when your pregnant, and It's maybe weird of me, but if a food or a substance is not recommended during pregnancy, I tente to think it's overall unhealthy... I don't know if you know what I mean ? Ahaha

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