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This program is designed for anyone wanting to build a bigger, round, toned, and lifted butt !

A lot of women think it’s impossible to go from pancake booty to a strong perky butt, but that’s exactly what I’ve done and that’s exactly what this program is designed for ! Even if you think you don’t have the genetics for a “nice butt”


With the right exercises and proper nutrition it is completely possible to build and reshape your booty !



With this program, you’re getting access to a complete training that you can easily follow along with at the gym. No fantasy equipment is needed.




  • Glute science you need to know (warm up, training frequency, mind muscle connection, what movement target which part of your glutes, diet, … I cover EVERYTHING you have to know to build a perky booty)
  • How to put all into practice (how to plan your session, reps, sets, techincs, ... )
  • 8 week booty training program with number of sets and reps


  • EXECISES DATEBASE : I give you an exclusive exercises datebase, so you know you’re are doing them correctly (with picture on how to execute them)


Is time to start loving what you see in the mirror every day ! You should live with confidence and energy ! Do you want to wake up unhappy for the rest of your life or do you want to wake up excited about what the day is going to bring you?

Are you ready to invest in yourself ? The change is in your hands !


  • Once payment is complete, you will receive the 8 week booty building on the e-mail associated with your payment.

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    There will be no refunds available after purchase.

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