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18,99€ !!!


What you will find in this meal plan :

On all the subjects, I’m going to give you what I do, followed by what YOU should do and how you can implement it into your life.


  • Vegan & building muscles ?

How veganism changed my body, and how I’ve managed to be where I am now.  


  • How to get lean

  1. Nutrition guideline

-Macro-nutrient explanation (importance, source, how much to consume and why)


-Meal timings


-Sample of vegan meal plan to lean down while keeping muscle

-Building a healthy vegan grocery list


2. Workout guideline (what I am doing with a split example you can follow)


  • The 4 week vegan meal plan : easy & healthy !

100% vegan





80 pages which include pictures and ingredients needed.


20 vegan recipe : easy & healthy !

Each time you will have indication if it is :

  • Gluten free

  • Low fat

  • High protein

  • Oil free

All the recipes can be switch to a gluten free version !

Include picture of the meals.

Clients feedback/reviews 

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